The Non-Profit Organization: Diamond Light Foundation, Inc. has been registered!

Hello everyone. A lot of movement, clarity and direction was recently discovered during my last trip to Palenque, Chiapas Mexico. This new non-profit organization, Diamond Light Foundation, has begun in order to raise funds for bringing this ancient Mayan Mystery School knowledge to the world. The location of the physical school, its layout, purpose, as well as which retreats are to be held, and which additional ways to help those in need has become known. Any questions, volunteers or interest, please email

Podcast Episode 6 is now available.

In this episode we revisit a couple of the pages read in Podcast 5, but this time discussing the

Universal Law of Free Will, as explained on pages 165 & 166 (which are posted already, so you can

read along on the previous post if you wish.) We next discuss the Universal Law of Attraction which

is described on page 171. (See photo below) Lastly we discuss the Path of High Vibrations as explained by

the Masters.


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Podcast 5 is now available.

Please listen to today’s podcast which includes: 1.) High vs. Low Vibrations and how to utilize the polarity of them to choose to ride the higher vibrations back to our God-self/Source, 2.) the New Renaissance Age we are in, merging of Science & Religion & lastly 3.) an audio of Muriel discussing UFO’s.

CREATION by Queen Lol Ha’

(Received on Sunday November 1, 1987)

Long ago, in the first breath of time, there became the soul of light.

In the essence of the breath was the thought of the seed of knowledge.

The knowledge of the breath and the seed became one.

The union gave birth to the light.

The light gave birth to the essence of being.

The thought became the will; the will became the light.

The light became the love; the total became the circle.

The circle became the cell.

The cell became the life of the universe–the universe became the cell.

The thought lived in the universe of the cell.

The love was the catalyst that expanded the cell.

Light drawing upon love–the law of multiplication began.

The thought expanded and grew upon itself.

The thought now became intelligence.

The breath blew the cell of intelligence outward ever-expanding into creating nothing and everything.

In the beginning was the thought.

The thought grew according to the laws of perpetual generation.

All that is–is all that was.

All that will be–is already manifest.

Circle begets circle.

Light generates light.

Picture light as a succession of circles arranged in a line.

The speed of light is determined by the rate of its own re-creation.

This becomes a universal law or note of measurable speed.

All things are created in this way.

Interpretations are forth-coming of universal laws and the means by which you, as earthbound or physical level-bound entities are able to understand them.


Mighty King of Universe is a high and glorious being instilling itself in each atom throughout all things.

Hallowed from eternity and beyond all creation.

Give man all knowledge and power to become made hallowed and one with mind of creator.

Hold our thought on Thy vibrations so that man may be one with Thee and be delivered from all earthly incarnations.

Give us the ability to recognize contact with mind of God when it is given to us.

Let us not distrust the prompting vibrations of God when we receive them.

Open our minds to Thy great laws.

Help us hear Thy thought words. Help us to know Thy will and lead us into Thy Holy awareness.

Hold justice in our minds and feelings.

Make common to all one holy goal. Banish greed and hatred from all hearts. Melt all souls into Thy great soul.

Rest us from all earthly endeavors.

Return all men into Thyself.

Make God first awareness in minds of all.

Help us return to Thee Oh Great Spirit of All.


Click this link to listen to the podcast which explains who Muriel Atcheson Weseman was, how she was lead by King Axopka aka Babaji to remember her true identity …Queen Lol Ha.

Here are the supporting photographs mentioned in the podcast. Please forgive my page rustling and my whining dog. This is all new for me. I’m sure the delivery of this very important information will improve in time.


In our temple we dedicate ourselves to God and deliverance of man from his mortal state. Mighty God can do all things through man’s soul. God can deliver us and open our mind, and memories to all things past and present.

We lose ourselves only through ignorance and forgetfulness of our God-Self. We sleep on earth in a dream-like-state from which we must awake and restore ourselves to our immortal lives in God awareness. Let no man not awaken to his real state.

The illusionary dream of earth life must be shattered. Man must climb the long and lonely journey back into God’s Mind, each using his own higher faculties. We dedicate our knowledge to those who come after us, and we believe in the knowledge supreme as it is revealed to receptive Initiates of our future.

1st Podcast: Ancient Mayan Mystery Knowledge soon to be known to all

Please follow along this unfolding process through the below Podcast which will go hand in hand with this webpage.  There I will document the journey of revealing this material via audio recordings. Daily or weekly I intend to slowly reveal and explain: who Queen Lol Ha’ and King Axopka are, where this material and information came from, as well as read pages of transcribed telepathic messages received by Queen Lol Ha’ from King Axopka throughout the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.

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